“Instructor” refers to a qualified martial arts / Tigers instructor.

“Student” refers to the person applying under this application for a membership to train with GSMA.

“Membership Fee” refers to the monthly fees paid to GSMA.

“Joining Fee” refers to the fee paid to GSMA for the initial joining costs associated with applying to train,
namely the starter pack.

“Starter Pack” refers to the offer made to new students upon joining, providing their first month’s training,
licence, and associated clothing.

“Licence” refers to the annual licence required to be able to participate in martial arts training.

Training Period

Classes run 48 weeks of the year with a two-week break during the summer holidays, and a two- week break
over Christmas and New Year.

Student Membership

You agree to pay the membership fee monthly in advance for which GSMA will provide you with training at
your chosen class(es), you will gain full access to our members only online pages and be able to apply for any
grading examination the instructor feels you are ready for.
Your membership is secured upon payment of monthly fees. Failure to make payment without prior discussion
with the team forfeits your allocated space at our classes.


The student licence will entitle you to the benefit of insurance under a “Block-Policy” taken out by your
instructor which will cover you in the event of personal injury incurred by you and third party liability i.e.
personal injury that you may cause to another student or instructor. Licences are renewable annually.

Sparring Equipment

To ensure all sparring equipment meets the required standard of safety, in line with ITF regulations, all
equipment should be purchased through GSMA.


You agree that once you have paid the “joining fee”, no refund will be given, should you decide to cease

Personal Data

We, at GSMA, will not share any of your personal information, and only hold your details for as long as you are
a student with us.

Photos / Filming

You agree that from time-to-time, your instructor or a member of the GSMA team may want to photograph or
film you / your child for the purpose of advertising and promotion of GSMA.

If you do not consent to this, please tick the box on the joining form.