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Taekwon-Do Classes

From Taekwon-Do and kickboxing to Ladies Self Defence and TKD Tigers for kids,
we equip our students with the tools to handle whatever life throws their way

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Westfield Park Community Centre, Westfield St, Falkirk FK2 9DX

TaeKwon-Do is a Korean Martial Art that dates back 2000 years.
TaeKwon-Do means “The art of hand and foot fighting” and is used primarily for self-defence.

Dedicated Classes Taught By An Experienced Master

Taekwon-Do Classes

While our TaeKwon-Do classes are open to those aged 7 years and above, there can be many reasons why we want to encourage our children to participate in Martial Arts – this may include promoting self-confidence, protection from bullying, or to increase fitness levels.

At GSMA we also like to reinforce the discipline aspect, as we feel this is an important part of a child’s upbringing in today’s society.

Many adults participate in Taekwon-Do to have a shared interest with their child, to re-engage in a passion they had when they were younger, to learn a new skill or to increase their confidence in various situations.

This Martial Art will help each student gain confidence and know that, if the need arose, they have the skills to take the appropriate action in a self-protection situation, as taught throughout our TaeKwon-Do classes & self defence programme.

Taekwon-Do Students Outside tournament
Taekwon-Do Students in Larbert Dojo

Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self control and Indomitable Spirit

Our Happy Students

We operate a welcoming community of students looking to improve themselves through martial arts and we accept students of all ages and genders.

As such, our martial arts Dojangs have a reputation as the best in Central Scotland.

Margaret Conry

Master Shaw is a fantastic teacher. Brilliant with the kids and has an awesome personality. Recommend his classes to everyone.LikeCommentShare

Margaret Conry
Duncan Conry

Absolutely fantastic Martial Arts school .My son has trained here for approximately 10 years now and is now a second degree Black Belt thanks to Master Shaw. It’s a very family orientated club and very welcoming.

Duncan Conry
Brian Anderson

Fantastic classes for all ages family friendly atmosphere highly recommended

Brian Anderson
Sarah Cunningham

Elisa’s first day and I would definitely highly recommend Garry, he has patience like a saint, and she has so much fun

Sarah Cunningham
Debbi Law Aitchison

tigers class is amazing my son loves it
5 Stars

Debbi Law Aitchison
Findlay Myles

Excellent set up for all age groups

Findlay Myles
Dan Key Ho Tee

Awesome school the best in Scotland

Dan Key Ho Tee
Sophie Holmes

Great club to learn TKD at! Every one should try it.

Sophie Holmes
Michelle Harris

Awesome guy awesome martial artist loved training with you sir even though we were in sad days

Michelle Harris
Brian Mcleish

Top man. 5 stars.

Brian Mcleish
TaeKwon-Do teaches: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control, and Indomitable Spirit as part of our training programme.

Included In Our Taekwon-Do Classes

Taekwon-Do student performing high kick in competition

Our classes offer a very good fitness programme specifically with different age groups in mind, including:


Stretching & Flexibility Exercises


Discipline both in & out of our classes


Striking against the pads and kick shields using hands and feet


Self defence


Partner work




Fitness and co ordination




Stranger awareness for children


Anti-bullying for children

Enjoy Yourself

Taekwon-Do Classes Are Also Designed For Fun & Fitness

The most important factor is that everyone enjoys our classes, as we incorporate fun and fitness alongside the serious discipline elements.

Sparring is offered to all after their first two gradings. This lets the student gain confidence in their new techniques that are being taught, as they get to spar with their fellow students while wearing full safety equipment. Safety is a top priority in our classes.

Students begin their first class as white belts, as this is the novice belt, but can sit gradings to work their way through the coloured belt system, aiming for the coveted Black Belt. This can approximately take between 4-5 years, however everyone’s journey in TaeKwon-Do is their own, so there is no rush! We encourage everyone to go at their own pace

Taekwon-Do students posing for photograph after class

We are Always looking for dedicated students

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Garry Shaw Martial Arts provides a quality, fun and welcoming experience to all new members. We’re serious about martial arts and fitness, but not at the expense of having a good time!

If you or your child would like to become our next happy student then don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.