“Feeling confident in your ability to protect yourself
empowers you to live with less fear and more freedom”

Ladies Only

From Taekwon-Do and kickboxing to Ladies Self Defence and TKD Tigers for kids,
we equip our students with the tools to handle whatever life throws their way

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Westfield Park Community Centre, Westfield St, Falkirk FK2 9DX

Ladies self-defence classes are designed

Dedicated Classes Taught By An Experienced Master

Self-Defence Classes For Women

Ladies only self-defence classes are suitable for anyone 16 years and above regardless of fitness levels. These classes are designed to empower you, giving you a lot more confidence to feel safe on our streets.

Everyone is entitled to feel safe and go about their everyday lives, without the feeling of intimidation or fear.

We will cover all aspects of self-defence and set up different scenario’s in our classes, as this is the key to gaining more confidence.  Continued training on a regular basis is the key to success, and as your instructor, I’ll encourage and motivate you to push yourself further, helping you to reach your full potential.  

Garry Shaw and Female student posing for photo
Compilation of different women from ladies self-defence class

Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self control and Indomitable Spirit

Our Happy Students

We operate a welcoming community of students looking to improve themselves through martial arts and we accept students of all ages and genders.

As such, our martial arts Dojangs have a reputation as the best in Central Scotland.

Margaret Conry

Master Shaw is a fantastic teacher. Brilliant with the kids and has an awesome personality. Recommend his classes to everyone.LikeCommentShare

Margaret Conry
Duncan Conry

Absolutely fantastic Martial Arts school .My son has trained here for approximately 10 years now and is now a second degree Black Belt thanks to Master Shaw. It’s a very family orientated club and very welcoming.

Duncan Conry
Brian Anderson

Fantastic classes for all ages family friendly atmosphere highly recommended

Brian Anderson
Sarah Cunningham

Elisa’s first day and I would definitely highly recommend Garry, he has patience like a saint, and she has so much fun

Sarah Cunningham
Debbi Law Aitchison

tigers class is amazing my son loves it
5 Stars

Debbi Law Aitchison
Findlay Myles

Excellent set up for all age groups

Findlay Myles
Dan Key Ho Tee

Awesome school the best in Scotland

Dan Key Ho Tee
Sophie Holmes

Great club to learn TKD at! Every one should try it.

Sophie Holmes
Michelle Harris

Awesome guy awesome martial artist loved training with you sir even though we were in sad days

Michelle Harris
Brian Mcleish

Top man. 5 stars.

Brian Mcleish
TaeKwon-Do teaches: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control, and Indomitable Spirit as part of our training programme.

Included In Our Ladies Self-Defence Classes

For those who have suffered any kind of ordeal – be it rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence, terrorism related, hate crime or stalking either physically or via though modern technology – know that the aftermath of the crime can sometimes be worse than the crime itself. It can have a devastating impact on you and your loved ones. Nothing prepares you for the pain, the shock, the denial, and inability to act!

For those who have never been in an attack, how do you think would you react – would you fight or freeze? It’s one of those questions where you would automatically say fight till your last breath rather than give up. But only if you are faced with the stark reality of an attack will you truly know how you would react in that situation. For many women, decisions are made on a second-by-second basis.

Struggling, resistance and reasoning only get you so far and the primary concern should always be about taking control and minimising the damage done to you. In our classes, we will run through different scenarios to help you understand the concept of “hit fast, hit hard, and run”

Female self-defence student kicking student holding pad

Our classes include:


Flexibility training


Response to chokes, holds, grabs etc.


Self-defence, striking vulnerable areas


Working one on one with a partner


Pad work, striking small pads and kick shields


Using blocking and counter attacks


Light sparring


Highlighting self-awareness and demonstrating different aspects of this

Bring plenty of water and a towel.  We recommend wearing a t shirt and loose jogging bottoms for plenty of movement

Enjoy Yourself

To Build Confidence & Feel Empowered

We will take you through different scenarios and situations, to get your adrenaline working in confrontational situations. Talking to the assailant is first and foremost, to try and de-escalate any given situation. Failing this, we then move on to distraction techniques whilst implementing different strikes to all areas of the body.

We will test your reaction time, and see how you deal with counter striking, and identifying areas of when to use pre-emptive strikes in any serious situation.

You have the right to do anything, and to go wherever you want without the feeling of intimidation or feeling threatened.

3 female self-defence students outside smiling for photo

We are Always looking for dedicated students

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Garry Shaw Martial Arts provides a quality, fun and welcoming experience to all new members. We’re serious about martial arts and fitness, but not at the expense of having a good time!

If you or your child would like to become our next happy student then don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.