TKD Tigers

TKD Tigers is revolutionary course for children aged between 3 – 6 years of age. TKD actually stands for “Total Kids Defence” and has been designed as a life-skills and danger awareness course primarily. Through fun activities and role playing games, children learn how to deal with Strangers, Bullies, Emergencies and Day-to-Day dangers, building their self awareness and confidence at every stage.

TKD Tigers was born out of Martial arts training, with instructors and parents realising the benefits many areas of Martial arts training could bring to young children. The TKD Tigers course is actually based around Taekwon-Do, to teach children fitness, co-ordination, balance, flexibility, strength and basic elements of self-defence, when dealing with Strangers/Bullies. TKD Tigers does not teach children to be violent or to hurt others, rather it encompasses Taekwon-Do training to compliment the core teachings and instill confidence, self-discipline, respect, perseverance and courteousness in all students.

Our course lasts for 30 months, starting at bronze and finishing at Gold whilst taking gradings to earn grades, badges and certificates, such as Green Cross Code, Stranger Awareness, Bully Awareness, Team Work, and many more. At TKD Tigers children are rewarded for hard work and effort only! Course & Organisational Assurances TKD Tigers as a course teaches many elements from Martial arts training to danger awareness and life-skills training. As such we are endorsed by national recongnised bodies, such as the Royal Fire Brigade and Rescue service (for our Emergency Skills Theme) and leading sports professional bodies for our physical fitness course elements. We are also backed and endorsed by leading nutritional and health experts, due to the fact that we also help children (and parents!) to understand the benefits and importance of well balanced nutrition.

There is an element of risk involved in participating in such a life skills and danger awareness course and as such TKD TIGERS is the only fully insured organisation in the U.K for teaching children between 3yrs – 6yrs of age this type of material. TKD Tigers also has a full-time Child Protection Officer (CPO), who is a Level IV Social Services Worker, ensuring strict compliance with our Child Protection Policy across all of our schools. Our Aim is to protect children in all that we do.

All TKD Tigers Instructors:
Are Extended CRB Vetted on an annual basis
Are 1st Aid Trained in dealing with infants and children
Are Nationally Insured with TKD Tigers Ltd.
Have undergone Intense Practical & Theoretical Course training
Are NSPCC certified for dealing with Children in Sport
Are Nationally or Internationally Certified Martial Arts Instructors

Parents: We have schools nation-wide and are growing on a day to day basis. Most of our schools provide 2 – 3 lessons free, hopefully giving you enough time to get a feel for the course, the instructors, school and its students. For further information on schools in your local area, please contact and a member of our joining team will contact you as soon as possible to answer any questions. When you come along for your free lessons, Instructors will provide you with a view of our course guide and student handbook, in addition to explaining what to expect in as much detail required.

“TKD Tigers is the only recognised programme for teaching aged 3 – 7 year olds using Martial Arts as a basis. Please beware of imitations in your area”.