Ladies only Kickboxing and Self-Defence

Ladies only kickboxing, self defence classes are for anyone 13 years and above and is for anyone, regardless of fitness levels. These classes are designed for anyone wishing to lose weight and tone up, taking you to your next level of self esteem.
We set targets for all students and we will push you to your limits, as this is the only way to improve week on week and achieve whatever goal you have set for yourself. Motivation is the key to success, and my job as an instructor is to continually take you further to push yourself.

We also teach self defence in our class structure, as we feel it important that we teach everyone to stay safe out on the street and in everyday life.

The benefits of our classes include the following;

  • Flexibility training
  • Cardio workout
  • Self defence, striking vulnerable area’s
  • Pad work, striking small pads and kick shields
  • Partner work Blocking and counter attacks
  • Strength training using small weights

We cover a lot of different things in our class each week and this is what makes our classes different than just going to a gym, where it can become tedious, and workouts can become stale. We cover every body part, and when you walk out of the class you feel revitalised and have that “feel good” factor.

Bring plenty of water and a towel, and we recommend wearing a t shirt and loose jogging bottoms for plenty of movement. I will have a GSMA merchandise list available if anyone wishes to have a look, this will include T shirts and Training bottoms.