4th Kup – Blue Belt

To the right you can find a pattern diagram(Click image to see larger version) showing all movements are their correct positioning and at the bottom of the page a  YouTube Video of Joong-Gun, the pattern, learned as part of the 4th Kup Syllabus.

Below is the Grading Syllabus for promotion from 4th Kup Blue Belt to 3rd Kup Blue Belt, Red Tag.

A Downloadable PDF version is available here for easy printing and to keep for your reference.

Theory, Theory for previous grades should also be revised.

Joong-Gun: is named after the patriot Ahn Joong-Gun who assassinated Hiro-Bumi Ito, the first Japanese governor-general of Korea, known as the man who played he leading part in the Korea-Japan merger. There are 32 movments in this pattern to repsresent Mr Ahn’s age when he was executed at Lui-Shung prison (1910).

Diagram= I

A Blue Belt signifies the Heaven, towards which the plant matures into a towering tree as training in Taekwon-Do progresses.


Close Ready Stance Type B : Moa Junbi Sogi B

Rear Foot Stance : Dwit Bal Sogi

Reverse Knifehand Middle Block : Sonkal Dung Kaunde Makgi

Low Side Front Snap Kick : Najunde Yobap Cha Busigi

Twin Fist Upset Punch : Sang Joomuk Dwijibo Jirugi

X-Fist Rising Block : Kyocha Joomuk Chookyo Makgi

Angle Punch : Giokja Makgi

U-Shape Block : Digutja Makgi

Upset Fingertip Low Thrust : Dwijibun Sonkut Najunde Tulgi

Outer Forearm W-Shape Block : Bakat Palmok San Makgi

Side Checking Kick : Yop Cha Momchugi

Flying Turning Kick : Twimyo Dollyo Chagi

Foot Shifting : Jajun Bal

Double Stepping : Ibo Omgyo Didigi

3 Step Semi Free Sparring : Ban Jayoo Matsogi

1 Step Sparring : Ilbo Matsogi

Slow Motion : Chonchonhi

Joong-Gun(32 Movements)